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parkla-tasutaGuests of the Pub will park 2 h FOR FREE!
For this you need to enter the car’s registration number in the computer on the bar. Parking is free ONLY for guests in the Pub.

Night parking for the Pub's guests: While registering your car in the Pub between 22:00 to 02:00, the starting time of the parking will be added another 12 hours of free parking, so you needn't worry. You can come and get your car in the morning or during the day.

The car park is open 24h!

Parking charges:

With SMS:

  • From Mon-Sun, parking available at extra cost for 24h,
  • EUR 1 per 30 minutes
  • EUR 6.50 per 24h (24h mobile parking will be finished automatically after 24h, according to the maximum fee of 24h)
  • Mobile parking will be charged by 30 minutes
  • Guests of the Pub will park 2h for free upon registration of their car in the computer of the Pub.

Contractual parking:
24h monthly parking card: EUR 100 per month

Instructions for mobile parking for clients of EMT, TELE2, Elisa and Bravocom:

  • Send a text message on 1902 (EMT,TELE2, Elisa) or 1702 (Bravocom)
  • Zone EP46
  • Text must include: Registration number, space, zone (for example, 111abc EP46)
  • You will receive a message – Parking started
  • For finishing the parking call 1903 (EMT, TELE2, Elisa) or 1703 (Bravocom)

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