seiklusjutte maalt ja merelt

Interesting facts

A number of travellers have set off to their trip and returned to the Pub with the flag:

  • Alar Sikk, a living legend who has surmounted all of the highest peaks of the 7 continents.  Together with him, the flag has surmounted: Mt. Lenin-Pamir Mountains, Kyrgyzstan; Mt. McKinley – Alaska, US; Mt. Everest – Himalayas-Tibet-Nepal; Mt. Kazbek – Georgia, etc.
  • The guys of Uhuuduur group, keen on new and daring enterprises, have taken the flag twice to Asia.
  • The snowboarders have been to Himalayas with it.
  • With the host of the Pub Aivo Sauna and the Traveller’s Club the flag has travelled through such places as Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Zanzibar, dived in the Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, several times on the seabed of the Red Sea, on the famous wreck of Thislegorme; in Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean, the flag has posed together with a huge ray in the back and in the Red Sea with crocodile fish and several other deep sea creatures.
  • On one of the flags the ice divers have noted “From 24.02.2009 to 28.02.2009 I was in the quarry of Männiku under ice in cold water, as by accident I fell out of the pocket”.
  • In the summer of 2009 the flag undertook together with three daring adventurers a journey on scooters through Europe from Athens to Orissaare, see They had promised to take the flag to Olympus, take a picture in front of the Europe’s largest tree Platanus and another picture in Virtsu port. Now these pictures illustrate the fireplace.

  • One of the Pub’s guest was Christer Gerlach, who drove around the world with Volvo Cross Country. He parked his car on our terrace and we parked a similar car indoors in front of the fireplace. The Guinness Record Book says about Christer Gerlach "World’s Leading solo driver". While paying tribute to the Pub, he wrote: “The friends at the Traveller's Club, the best pub on this side at the Rocky Mountains.”

Pictures of the flag’s adventures can be seen here.