seiklusjutte maalt ja merelt


What was here in earlier times?

Many guests have asked, what was in this wonderful place in the past? And here is the answer:
After numerous days in the archives and libraries we learned quite a few interesting facts.

In the 16th century on almost the same location of today’s Pub, there used be a Martin Luther’s almshouse. The next records date back to the late 18th and early 19th century, indicating that in 1876 the landowner Hermann Rosenberg built here a two-storey stone residential house with a confectionery on the ground floor, also a wooden residential house for the employees as well as ancillary buildings, including a stable, a carriage house and warehouses.   During the Soviet time the buildings were nationalised, while housing different workshops, most recently fur and leather industry. Since the late 1990s until the reconstruction of Tartu maantee in 2006, a part of it was occupied by Kroonu Ait.

Since 23 May 2000, the building (Tartu maantee 44, Tallinn) has accommodated Traveller’s Pub & Club – pub and club for those interested in travelling and adventures.

How did the Pub get its name?

It is a well-known fact that choosing a name for a baby causes a lot of disputes.  The same was here. The name contest resulted in various good names.

Towards the end of May, a little while before opening the Pub we faced a difficult situation – there was no single variant supported by all of us. It was a kind of a stalemate; however, the Pub needed urgently a name.

We contacted our friend in Noku Club, the writer Kaur Kender. Initially he suggested calling it Jolki Palki. But of course, it was just a joke. After describing our concept to Kaur, i.e. travelling, wandering, adventures and everything that comes along with it, at some point he suddenly said "Seiklusjutte Maalt ja Merelt" /Adventure Stories from the Land and Sea/. It is the best-suited name for this place. Besides, there is a well-known series of adventure books having the same name. And so the Pub got its name.


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